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Official Site for /_\drian Daniel This is for my fans, and fans of art and life. "The STONERS"
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It all started last summer. While listening to his soundcloud stream and checking for new music, german Producer LO stumbled upon /_\drian Daniel ́s EP “Native”. Impressed with /_\drian Daniel’s strong voice and outstanding vocal range, LO immediately connected with him and sent him a bunch of instrumentals… And a new and promising collaboration was born!
With LO coming from a UK Bass/House backround and /_\drian, a Brooklyn/New York based singer-songwriter with a strong soulful voice and roots in Afropunk and Hip Hop, they create a fresh mix of playful pop arrangements, strong electronic beats and powerful genre-bending vocals.
Name it Alternative R ́n ́B, Future Soul or Bass Music, they put together an emotionally charged 4-Track EP and the results are the fusion of musical soul mates to produce a global sound that transcends boundaries.
On top of the 4 original Tracks of the “FKKKING HIGH EP”, they hired Leipzig based beat head DUKTUS (Brownswood, Cascade, Resistant Mindz) and, one of Germanys most auspicious House DJs, ENNIO (Exposure, Jeudi Rec), to remix the singles “Fkkking High” and “Perfectly Numb”.


Additional Guitar on Fool: Patrick Müller
Additional Guitar on Perfectly Numb: Lukas Reisenauer
Girl Vocals on Fkkking High: Antoinette Cato
Vocal Recording: Adrian Daniel and Lionel Chance
Vocal Mixing: Adrian Daniel and Lionel Chance
Vocals Recordet at: Fewtcha Studio Brooklyn, NY

All songs written by Adrian Daniel and Lorenz Schimpf
Mixed and Mastered by Lorenz Schimpf at Henzl&Lo Studios/Naidoo Herberger, Mannheim

Cover Design: Conrad Weise

I talked to my homie Andrew of MGMT the other day and he told me when you got something unique everyone is gona try an change it, but the more they try and change it the more it glows through the bullshit. Always good talks with that dude. I Been working so much lately that I got all this new music that I don’t know what to do with. As i get more noticed I have to deal with all this industry politics, its annoying, I could care less about that stuff. I just wanna make music all this knowing this person and knowing that person, going to this and that event takes away from the music. I’m not a super social person to begin with. If the music is good should be the only conversation being had at the end of the day, that’s the only conversations I have when it comes to music, but I digress.

I apologize for all this waiting of new music but like i said; POLITICS. But the new stories are coming and i’m proud of them. I’m dropping two projects this year and Memoirs part 2 at the top of the year. The Tour is gona be awesome to. So just wait a little while longer. Love to everyone